Small Business is the backbone of our local economy.  It is important to support local business more than ever.  For every $100 you spend locally $68 stays right here at home.  That why we're proud to support the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce's Buy Local or Bye Bye Local Campaign.

We're Supporting Small Business

  • Display and Search Ad Campaigns

  • Native and Content Marketing

  • Targeted Social Media Campaigns

  • Social Media Content & Management

  • Search Optimization (SEO)

  • Online Business Profile set up

  • YouTube Video Pre-Roll ads

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With your growth in mind, we identify key audiences, conceptualize digital campaigns and implement cohesive strategies from all corners of the ever-changing digital space.

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Digital Marketing and Social Media

Online Advertising

Getting started with online advertising is easy.  Pick your audience, develop your advertising creative and set your budgets.  Digital marketing is more targeted than traditional methods of advertising like television, print and billboards so you know that your marketing budget is being spent on attracting the right customers to your store or website.  Targeted search and display campaigns are a great way to announce a special offer or create brand awareness very quickly.  

See how we've used social media for engagement and sales with Paragon Design + Display

Social Media Content and Management

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See how our campaign for Proven Winners Direct using Google, Native and Audio Ads 

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Email Marketing

Did you know there are 3x more email accounts than Facebook & Twitter accounts combined? Or that you are 6x more likely to get a click-through from email than on Twitter?  Email newsletters are a great way to interact with your most engaged customers.  Keep customers up to date with new products, offer exclusive specials, and introduce them to your company or organization.  Paired with digital marketing campaigns you can build an audience quickly.

Social media marketing is great tool to improve brand recognition, create leads, and drive sales. Or, it can be a big waste of time and resources without the right goal, plan and measurement of impact.  Lakestone Digital can work with your existing team or as your social media department to create new opportunities to create engagement and grow your audience.  Creating quality video content is great way to build engagement and increase followers.