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Digital Marketing

Getting started with digital marketing is easy.  Most social media platforms allow for local businesses to advertise.  The best part is the ability to target prospective customers and clients by location and demographics.  You wouldn't want to try to sell Medicare insurance to an 18 year old.  But you WOULD want to reach 60 and up.  Lakestone Digital can put together a targeted digital advertising campaign to get the maximum reach for your budget.  

The Google display network reaches 92% of internet users.  Targeted search and display campaigns are a great way to announce a special offer or create brand awareness very quickly.  People are more likely to remember what they see than what they read or hear.

  • Google and Bing Display and Search Ads

  • Targeted Social Media Campaigns

  • Social Media Management

  • Search Optimization (SEO)

  • Online Business Profile set up

  • Video Pre-Roll ads

  • Website Design

and more!

Run Hip-Monroe, Michigan 

Lakestone Digital developed and manages a digital marketing campaign for Run Hip, Monroe's active lifestyle store.  Using a YouTube video campaign, display advertising on the Google network to increase brand awareness and a Google search campaign to capture consumers looking for their services,  Lakestone Digital has increased online store sessions and visitors by 90% and 66% respectively year over year in the first three months.

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Proven Winners Direct-Carleton, MI

Proven Winners Direct, The e-commerce wing of North America's #1 Plant Brand contracted with Lakestone Digital to help develop new marketing initiatives to promote sales on Home Depot and Amazon.  Lakestone Digital redesigned the Proven Winners Amazon Brand store and managed advertising campaigns which led to a 43% increase in sales year over year during peak sales season.  Lakestone Digital developed content for Google Ads, Facebook, Native Advertising Platforms, and digital audio campaigns on Pandora, Spotify and I Heart Radio. 

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Paragon Design + Display / Wallposh-Ann Arbor 

Paragon Display + Design  contracted with us to build a new ecommerce site through Shopify, drive traffic, create print ads,  manage their social media and email marketing.  ranks in the top 13% for traffic to stores that launched Shopify storefronts the same week.  Through display and native advertising, we were able to get the Wallposh brand displayed online over 275,000 times in the Detroit market during the holiday shopping season.


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