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Smart Digital Advertising For Political Campaigns

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• Website Design

• Online Advertising

• Political Ads

• Video Production

 Political campaigns can no longer rely solely on traditional forms of advertising like newspaper and television.  Voters are online and it is important to get your name and brand in front of as many people as possible. By working with agency that specializes in digital political advertising and increasing exposure for candidates, you can expect great results.

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Social Media & Online Advertising

Reach 90% of internet users on over 2 million websites

• Get 10,000 viewable ads for as little as $20

• Get 400,000 targeted ads for the average price of a billboard

• Target by demographics, location and more

There has been a significant shift over the past few election cycles towards digital marketing for political ads.  It no longer just an option.  Its a must as part of an election campaign.  Displaying your campaign ads online is substantially less expensive than traditional methods like print, billboards and television.  Plus, online messages can be targeted to specific demographics, locations and interests. Do you want to create a targeted message for voters aged 45+ in a certain zip code? conservative or liberal leaning voters?  Men or Women?  Reach them with your message when they're browsing the web, viewing a news video, playing a game on their phone or even as they check their email.

Campiagn Website Design

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A Campaign Website is the first chance for voters to learn about you and your platform.  No one size fits all templates.  Each campaign website is custom built to best reflect the candidate and adaptable for mobile screens.  Your website also contains the ability to capture email addresses and information about visitors to help maintain engagement and interest throughout the campaign.  Paired with Google Analytics and a digital advertising campaign,  you can view who is visiting your site and display new ads to them across the internet and social media.

Audio and Video Advertising

Video is not just for television anymore.  While TV political ads will always be part of a candidate's campaign strategy, voters are viewing more video content online than ever before. Use marketing video on social media and run commercials on You Tube.  Creating video content with social media in mind is great way to get your message across and build your base. 

 Video for social media

• Television/Radio Commercials

• Digital Audio Ads (Spotify & Pandora)

• Website Content

• YouTube Pre-Roll Ads 

• Connected TV

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