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Why You're Not Reaching Your Entire Facebook Audience - And What To Do About It.

We've all been there. You have a great special or new product and you want to get the word out. You send out a Facebook post to your 1000 followers and three days later you noticed you've only reached 100 people. "How can this be? I have a 1000 followers, why didn't everyone see it?" you ask yourself. Remember that Facebook and other social media platforms operate on a play to play model. According to one study, the average reach of an organic Facebook post is 5.2%. One of our clients routinely sees 800-1000 people reached out of their 6500 followers. Facebook has to decide which of the over 400,000,000 photos and videos to put in front of each person. Your most engaged followers will probably see your posts on regular basis but less engaged followers may not. Here are some ways (without paying) that you can engage your audience and get more of your audience to see your posts.

1. Develop a Strategy

Developing a a series or theme is a great way to create engagement. Maybe you have a few products that are vastly different. Think about the customers that purchase these items and develop different content for each group. Keep a content calendar so you're able to plan and regularly put out specific content.

2. Create Valuable Content

Why do you think we're writing this blog entry? We're trying to give small businesses something of value, some knowledge in hopes that they will remember us. (The name is Lakestone Digital by the way :). Creating information of value takes time and planning. Its OK to show pictures of your office staff, new products, recent work, your pets, etc. Those are the low hanging fruit of social media. (Inspirational quotes are probably the rotted fruit on the ground at this point). But from time to time, try to educate or entertain your followers with something they will find valuable. Product demonstration videos work great for this.

3. Use Pictures of People

A recent study by Georgia Institute of Technology looked at 1.1 million photos of Instagram and found that photos that contain faces see 38% more likes and 32% more comments. We've definitely seen this with our client Bigwater Fishing. In fact, many of the large outdoor companies they work with ask for lifestyle type photos that don't even contain fish. Photos like this make the viewer more likely to engage with the post. It gives users the sense of being there or wanting to be there.

4. Just Ask!

Remember the old adage " If you want something, you have to ask?" It's a great way to get

comments on a post and get it to more people. Remember, Facebook uses factors like comments, shares and likes to determine whether more people might like a particular post.

Make sure to ask something that is product or company related. By asking questions you can also learn about your audience and how they view your products or services. This is part of social listening and its an effective way help create a content plan.

5. Tag Partners and Influencers

Is your post about a product or service you offer but purchase from an outside vendor. Make sure to tag that company and others who might be apt to share your post. We record short video interview segments for a client in the mortgage industry. We always make sure. to tag our guest when we post in hopes that they will also share our post. We've now not only posted to our clients audience, we've reached our guests audience as well.

As always, successful social media comes down to posting regularly and posting content of informational or entertainment value. Following that mantra and the above tips will help you reach more of your audience organically on a regular basis.