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Smart Digital Marketing

For Real Estate Professionals

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• Increase Traffic to Listings

• Create Brand Awareness

• Generate Leads

As a real estate agent, broker or brokerage,  it is important to get your name and brand in front of as many people as possible to attract new clients and increase leads.  Taking your real estate business to the next level means staying on top of new trends and finding new ways to reach potential clients.  By working with agency that specializes in digital marketing and increasing exposure for small businesses, you can expect great results.

Google Display and Search Ads

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Drive traffic to your listings pages with Display and Search Advertising.  Get to the top of Google search results and reach different audiences with different ads.  Show ads across the internet for upscale homes to older, affluent audiences and affordable homes to people searching for their first home.  No more "One Size Fits All" .  With Display and Search Advertising you can target based on demographics, interests, customer intent, search history and more.  

Real Estate Website Design Services

According to the N.A.R. only 26% of Realtors have their own website independent of their firm.  having your own website is imperative to build broad brand awareness.  Its common for realtors to be at a firm one year or less so its essential to build your own independent brand.  In addition, paired with Google analytics,  your personal website provides important audience insights and you can create targeted marketing campaigns to people who have viewed listings on your website across Google and social media.

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Social Media Management and Campaigns

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

Social media is great way to promote your brand and listings through paid targeted campaigns.  Using Facebook's pixel technology and your own website, we can create custom audiences and targeted remarketing posts and ads to visitors of your listing pages across the internet.

Content is king and Lakestone Digital can help you maximize your reach by crafting ads on social media with video, images and targeted messaging as part of a well rounded social media presence.

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Real Estate Video Services

Video Content is a must for Realtors. From showing properties to testimonials.  Video is great way to to promote your properties and communities to prospective buyers. 

Video Walkthroughs & Exteriors

• Neighborhood Highlights and Features

• Video Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

• Tips for Home Buyers & Home Sellers

• YouTube Channel Setup and Management

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