Small Business is the backbone of our local economy.  It is important to support local business more than ever.  For every $100 you spend locally $68 stays right here at home.  That why we're proud to support the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce's Buy Local or Bye Bye Local Campaign.

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Video Production

Even with the emergence of social media and online advertising, brands still need a video marketing strategy.  While the platforms may have changed, video is still king when it comes to marketing.  Almost 9 out of 10 respondents to a recent survey (statista 2018) say they watch video content monthly on their devices.  Video increases the time that users spend on your website or social media and evaluating your products. 

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Video For Social Media

The numbers are staggering.  5 Billion Videos are watched each day on YouTube.  100,000,000 hours a day on Facebook.  If you are not creating marketing video content, you are missing out on a large number of potential customers.  People are more likely to watch video than read text on a page.  Content that engages, entertains and informs the audience can help grow your engagement and fuel sales.

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Video Production

Our Video Production Work

There's still nothing like a good old fashioned 30 second television commercial.  Right?  Well, Yes.  Kind of.  While traditional advertising on television is not going away anytime soon, video commercial spots can run on many other marketing platforms including YouTube, Over the Top Advertising and Connected TV.   Lakestone Digital can create video spots for all video platforms and on digital audio platforms like Spotify, Pandora and IHeart Radio.